ROCKEY4 is an advanced software protection system that attaches to the parallel or USB port of a computer. Your software may be duplicated, but it will only run when your ROCKEY4 dongle is attached to the computer. Your application will interact with ROCKEY4 at start-up and during runtime, No Dongle means No License to execute your software. You can also limit the use of your software which is very common in the software industry for DEMO purposes or SHAREWARE.

In the case of software developers offering multiple modules, ROCKEY4 allows you to protect up to 16 applications per dongle at any one time (ROCKEY4ND now support 64 modules). Since every ROCKEY4 dongle comes with a unique ID, software developers can even restrict the application to only allow to execution with a particular dongle.

Unlike some competing products, ROCKEY4 is in fact a powerful miniature computer, with a CPU, memory and specialized firmware that allows for robust interaction with your application. You may write algorithms that are securely stored in the dongle, and then call those algorithms from time to time in your application. This method for software protection is almost impossible to crack. Although designed for high level security, it is also relatively easy to implement.


  • Cost Saving

    Why pay more when you can get something better at a cheaper price. ROCKEY4 costs you 50% or less than most of the competing Dongles available in the market. With ROCKEY4, you do not need to employ expensive software security experts but still enjoy high security on your software.
  • High Security

    ROCKEY4 implements two-level security system to segregate users who need read only access from those who need administrative privileges. To combat hackers, ROCKEY4 has a built-in time gate to prevent software tracking and debugging on its protection system. In addition, ROCKEY4's protected memory + user defined algorithm works within the dongle and is almost impossible to crack.
  • High Reliability

    ROCKEY4 is built under a perfect customer management system in which every customer is guaranteed to own a unique password, and every dongle come with a unique hardware ID. Both the password and hardware ID are burnt into the CPU inside the dongle, it is absolutely impossible to change them, even for us - the manufacturer. On the other hand, with our high level of Quality Control during production, we are maintaining less than 0.5% faulty rate which is much more lower than the industry standard.
  • High Compatibility

    ROCKEY4 LPT dongle is not only transparent to printers, scanners, but can also be cascaded with up to maximum of 16 dongles, even from other manufacturers. ROCKEY4 is also designed to process even very complex algorithms with minimal delay for your application. Broad support of ROCKEY4 include Operating Systems like DOS, Windows 3.1/95/98/NT/2000/ME/XP/ Server/Vista, Linux, and Mac; thus enables you to implement it onto almost any platform available in the market.
  • Protection across networks

    ROCKEY4 is a well designed software protection system that comes with user friendly interface and useful sample source codes in most programming languages, so that you will have no difficulty learning how to integrate it into your software application. In most cases, just within few days a programmer can become the master of using ROCKEY4.

Product Features:

  • Powerful CPU + Secure momory + User define Algorithms = Secure Program Calculator
  • 2 levels 4x16-bit Password System
  • Globally Unique Hardware ID
  • Fully support IEEE1284 for maximum LPT compatibility applications
  • Protect upto 16 software modules with a single dongles
  • Built-in 24 bytes User Data Zone
  • 32 User Definable Algorithms
  • Support upto 16 ROCKEY4 dongles on the same PC
  • Low level encryption to prevent Emulation and Play Back Hacking
  • Time Watch Dog prevents Tracing Attack
  • Password Protect System prevents Brute-Force Attack
  • Ready tool include Enveloper, Editor, Data Recorder and Remote Update

Product Memory:

Memory Zone

Memory Zone Description


Hardware ID

Globally unique identifier 32-bit

User ID Zone

User defined identifier 32-bit

Module Zone

Non-readable memory spaces (16) Used with arithmetic calculations 16 modules (16-bit)

Zero Attribute

Indicates if a module is "0" or not "0" 16 modules (2-bit)

Decrement Attribute

Indicates if a module can be decreased 16 modules (2-bit)

User Data Zone

User defined memory space 24-byte

User Algorithm Zone

Instruction storage for user defined algorithms 32-instructions

Product Hardware Specification:

Interface Type


Interface Standard

Standard USB 1.1. USB 2.0 compliant


8 bits CPU

Protection Mechanism

Envelope tool

Working Temperature

0°C to 70°C

Storage Temperature

-10°C to 80°C


Up to 16

Power Consumption


Working Voltage


Working Current


Data Retention

At least 10 years

Supported OS

Windows, Linux and MAC

Latest Software Developer Kit (SDK)




ROCKEY4/NetROCKEY4 Complete SDK Request
ROCKEY4/NetROCKEY4 Linux’s SDK 5,815KB 21 Dec 2008
ROCKEY4/NetROCKEY4 MAC’s SDK 3,036KB 11 Apr 2007

User Manuals and Guides:




ROCKEY4/NetROCKEY4 Developer Guides 4,775KB 19 May 2005

Device Drivers:




ROCKEY4/NetROCKEY4 Drivers for Windows 7 32bit NEW! 375KB 23 Mac 2010
ROCKEY4/NetROCKEY4 Drivers for Windows 7 64bit NEW! 426KB 23 Mac 2010
ROCKEY4/NetROCKEY4 Drivers for DOS 490KB 23 Apr 2007
ROCKEY4/NetROCKEY4 Drivers for All 32bit Windows with Windows Vista Signature 665KB 23 Apr 2007
ROCKEY4/NetROCKEY4 Drivers for x64 Windows with Windows Vista Signature 903KB 23 Apr 2007
ROCKEY4/NetROCKEY4 Drivers for WinNT 217KB 23 Apr 2007
ROCKEY4/NetROCKEY4 Driver for Novell 37KB 15 May 2004
ROCKEY4/NetROCKEY4 Drivers for FreeBSD 61KB 24 Mar 2005

Utilities and Software:




ROCKEY4/NetROCKEY4 Editor 254KB 18 May 2007
ROCKEY4 Envelope Engine 958KB 18 May 2007
ROCKEY4 Flash swf Envelope Engine 1,810KB 02 Nov 2007
ROCKEY4 Remote Update 654KB 18 Nov 2005
ROCKEY4 Data Recorder 524KB 18 Nov 2005
NetROCKEY4 Service-Window 123KB 29 Aug 2008
NetROCKEY4 Service –Linux 229KB 28 Aug 2008
NetROCKEY4 Complete package (incl. Windows & Linux’s Tool, Utilities & API Sample Source code) 4,193KB 28 Aug 2008

API Libraries & Sample Source Code:




ROCKEY4 API Samples for DOS 1,009KB 29 Aug 2008
ROCKEY4 16 bit API Samples for Windows 141KB 29 Aug 2008
ROCKEY4 32 bit API Samples for Windows 4,264KB 29 Aug 2008
NetROCKEY4 API Samples for Windows 1,948KB 23 Apr 2007


ROCKEY4ND Developer Kit


Latest Updates

Software License Protection Security Dongle

    Windows7 32 and 62 bit Driver for ROCKEY4 has been updated.Download Now
    ROCKEY has released a series of new tools for it's entire ROCKEY's family Software Protection Dongle's model such as the Flash media enveloper tool, DOT Net (.Net) Shell enveloper tool.
    ROCKEY6 Smart now could support Linux Platform. Download driver.

Latest News


    ROCKEY4 SMART protection dongle based on smart card chip. Derived from ROCKEY4ND the driverless technique is applied to ROCKEY4 SMART to have the device in driverless for all operating system. Check with us for more information about ROCKEY4 SMART. Contact for more information and detail.